Best African Mango Reviews

Hi! My name is Sarah and like most of you, I’m so desperate in getting myself back into shape. I have tried numerous weight loss supplements but it didn’t satisfy me. I’ve also tried weight loss programs but I find these hard to follow. Nowadays, there are so many African Mango Supplements and Juices available in the market that promises an exaggerating result on weight loss. Among the supplements that I have tried, this product seems to be the most effective one for me.

After trying this African mango for several weeks I lost a significant amount of weight. After trying this African mango for yourself, let me know how it works out for you. I love hearing other people’s testimonials as this could also help other users like us in finding the right weight loss product for them.

#1 Most Effective Product: African Mango Plus

Overall score: 98/100:

Rating: ★★★★★

African Mango Plus is the best African mango supplement that I’ve found; it’s more effective than other African Mango supplements that I have discovered. I’ve tried using this African Mango Plus supplement for months with its recommended dosage 150mg twice daily before meal. I’ve learned that following the instructions religiously and not missing any intake will result to losing weight even faster along with diet and frequent exercises.

One of the key ingredient of African Mango Plus is African Mango Extract known for its beneficial effects for diabetes and obesity it also serves as an analgesic, antimicrobial, antioxidant and promotes GI activities. The ingredients of African Mango Plus are so unique that it’s the only product in the market that has incorporated other 4 ingredients with African mango extract. That can burn fats even faster. African mango supplements has no known harmful side effects for its users.
One must keep in mind that using the product will not make you lose stretch mark. It only aids in losing your weight.

1. Safe and effective for use.
2. Generally more affordable than most brands.
3. Decrease Body weight quickly
4. Promotes GI activities
5. Control appetite
6. Increase oxidation, energy and metabolism
7. Can be used by both man and woman.
8. 30-days money back guarantee.
9. 14-day trial. Read TOS for more information.

1. No known harmful effects

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Always be aware that African Mango Plus supplement is not a miracle pill. It cannot remove or reduce fats overnight. But as far as I know, this is the best African mango supplement I have used. They also offer a solid money back guarantee. There is nothing to lose in trying this supplement. This is absolutely the best african mango supplement I found but I can’t recommend African Mango Plus enough. Try it and let me know of the results.

#2 Rated Product: African Bush Mango Liquid

Overall score: 80/100:
Rating: ★★★½☆

African Bush Mango Liquid Appetite Suppressant is an effective appetite suppressant that infused with the essential nutrients to keep you fit and healthy. This product claims to be very effective in suppressing your appetite, making you eat less and curbs excessive cravings for food. If you are on a rigid weight loss diet, this might help in making you stick to your diet plan. At the same time, it is packed with natural and organic ingredients that are filled with energy-enriching components so it helps boost your metabolism and stamina.

Ingredients: Each 32 fl. oz. bottle contains 500 mg of African Bush Mango, Hoodia Gordonil, Baobab, Acai berries, and Green Tea. It also contains a reasonable amount of Vitamin C. Hoodia Gordonil is used by the Kalahari Desert nomadic bushmen during their long hunting trips to suppress their hunger and to increase their energy. Baobab, or “upside-down tree” provides the vitamins and minerals you need at the same time it increases your energy and satisfies your hunger cravings. Acai Berries provides your bodies with antioxidants that enhances your stamina, energy and vitality. Green Tea is used to boost your metabolism.

1. In liquid form so its easy to digest and consume
2. Makes up to 32 servings
3. Helps suppress appetite and cravings for food
4. Provides essential vitamins and minerals
5. Boosts metabolism
6. Affordable
7. Reduces cholesterol and fat levels
8. Maintains blood sugar levels

1. The product sold only through third party retail sellers. Some may offer money back guarantees while others don’t.

Directions for use: Take 2 tablespoons or an equivalent of one ounce before eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can take the suppressant by mixing it with your favorite beverage.

Reviews: A clinical study made in Cameroon concluded that the African Mango plant contained helpful properties that regulates your metabolism, slows down the production of body fat and promotes weight loss. It was discovered that the subjects who took African Mango lost a significant amount of weight. They also showed positive effects on their Peptin and Cholesterol levels.

Buy this product only if the the first product I reviewed failed your expectations. The supplement is safe to be consumed even by people who do not need to lose weight because it helps lower cholesterol levels and maintain their blood sugar levels.

#Stay Away From This Product: African Mango Advanced

Overall score: 25/100:
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Anything taken to the excess is definitely harmful. The same way that you eat excessively, taking too much of a supplement may cause you certain risks. African Mango Advanced is the “double dosed” product version of the African Mango supplements. Normally, the typical dosage is to take 150mg, 3 times a day before every meals.

A capsule of the African Mango Advanced contains 600mg which makes a total consumption of 1200mg a day. Because it is high in fiber this may cause the consumer some side effects like constant trips to the bathroom. Although it this might even be more beneficial for you because all the toxic waste will be expelled from your body, constant bathroom trips can be quite uncomfortable and inconvenient. The good thing about African Mango products is that they have been subjected to human clinical testing. These products are said to be effective in helping users lose weight, body fat, lowering cholesterol levels, curbing your appetite, improving your bowels and most importantly controlling your Leptin levels. Leptin is an enzyme that is naturally produced by our body that if produced in excess causes obesity.

1.Powerful fat burner
2.Appetite suppressant
3.Energy supplement
4.Controls the obesity hormone Leptin
5.Suitable for vegetarians

1.Too much fiber may cause side effects with bowel movements of some users, although typically the side effects are not that serious

Contains African Mango Extract equal to 2400mg for every serving. Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicone Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose shell

Directions for use:
Recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily, most preferably after breakfast to achieve maximum effect.

The African Mango extract as an ingredient in itself is very potent in giving you all the health benefit you need along with losing extra weight. However, because this product requires a double dosage of the regular intake, it may not work well for some users specially those whose digestive system is quite sensitive.

Take with caution or with a doctor’s advise. I personally would not recommend taking this product because of possible side effects.